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What is Calmira?

Calmira, which has been around for a loooong time is a 16-bit shell replacement for Win3x to bring it closer to Win9x, more comfortable to use. It was created in Delphi 1.0, and is still maintained in Delphi 1.0. As a retro computer hobbyist, I use Calmira on one of my Win3x boxes on a regular basis, and since it's open source, I'm working to improve it and add some features for my convenience. Why not share?


Under Win3x...
  • Start button
  • Start menu
  • Taskbar
  • Desktop with shortcuts
  • [filesystem] Explorer
  • Task manager
  • More!

Added Features Since Calmira 3.3

  • "Run in a DOS Session" checkbox in shortcut properties that shuts down Windows, runs the program, and then starts Windows when it's done executing. This is especially useful for running DOS games - it's like "Run in MS-DOS Mode" or whatever they labeled it in Win9x.
  • "Open File Location" button in the shortcut properties window - opens the folder in which the target of the shortcut resides.
  • Bug fixes.

Planned Features

  • My Computer icon shows when open still.
  • Sort Desktop Icons By.. (Name, particularly)
  • 98/ME-style Explorer toolbar w/ address bar
  • Open File Location button in properties page for shortcut

Known Bugs

  • Control Panel entries in Start Menu missing their icons.
  • Icons displaying behind taskbar in higher resolutions, no compensation made above a certain point I think.
  • When you select the "open in" path for a shortcut, it doesn't seem to work by typing it in, only by browsing for it (it'll save it, but not act on it when clicked).

The bugs will of course be squashed as time goes on.


You can get a copy of the version(s) this is based on at

Current Version: 3.4 Alpha 2
Technically speaking, my version is a patch as of now. It will report itself as 3.4 when it's been developed further, and I'll be making proper releases with installers then (and it will no longer be considered a patch).

  • Install Calmira 3.3 (which I host locally HERE).
  • Unpack THIS into the directory you installed it to.

If you'd like a copy of the source, you can find that HERE too. This is not always up to date - the latest source is available on request.


Calmira was released under the GPL years ago, and as such is still under it. You can find a copy HERE.